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ML350 G4p Controllers

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   Proliant ML350 G4p - Storage Controller
 Proliant ML350 G4p SCSI Controllers
  273915-B21 HP Ultra320 Smart Array 6402/128MB Controller Battery-Backed Write Cache
  273914-B21 HP Ultra320 Smart Array 6404/256MB Controller Battery-Backed Write Cache
  291966-B21 HP Ultra320 Smart Array 641/64MB Cache Controller
  291967-B21 HP Ultra320 Smart Array 642/64MB Dual Channel Controller
 351580-B21 HP 128MB Battery-Backed Write Cache Enabler
Note: This 128MB BBWC supports the Smart Array 641 Controller and Smart Array 642 Controller.
 273911-B21 HP Smart Array 6402 2-4ch Expansion Module SCSI Controller
Note: For support of external Drives only.
 374654-B21 HP Ultra320 Controller 1 Channel SCSI PCI-X
 Proliant ML350 G4p SATA Controllers
 372953-B21 HP 6-Port SATA RAID Controller
 Proliant ML350 G4p P600 Controllers
  337972-B21 HP Smart Array PCI-X P600/256MB Controller
Note: Requires Mixed PCI-E/X riser cage.
 372538-B21 HP Smart Array PCI-E BBWC P600/512MB Controller Upgrade
Note: This 512-MB Battery-Backed Cache Module upgrade kit supports the Smart Array P600 Controller and the Smart Array 6400 series Controller.
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